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The Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a master’s degree in business administration, which attracts people from a wide range of academic disciplines. The MBA designation originated in the United States, emerging from the late 19th century as the country industrialized and companies sought out scientific approaches to management. The core courses in the MBA program as designed to introduce students to the various areas of business such as accounting, finance, marketing, human resources, operations management, etc., students in MBA programs have the option of taking general business courses throughout the program or can select an area of concentration and focus approximately one-fourth of their studies in this subject.

The Master of Business Administration is an internationally recognized degree designed to prepare students and further develop the skills for careers in business and management. The value of the MBA, however, is not limited strictly to the business world. An MBA can also be useful for those pursuing a managerial career in the public sector, government, private industry, and other areas. MBA programs can provide graduates with the preparation and practical skills needed to excel in management and leadership positions.

Although the degree is considered the pathway to a successful career, it still does not guarantee a flood of job offers, but when one considers the positive options, it far outweighs the negative issues. It is a costly course and the time constraints that are associated with the study load are legendary. That’s why in some circles, it has been termed :”Married, But Away”.

With us students are required to take six subjects in each of the first two semesters. In each of the third and fourth semester, there will be two compulsory papers and four papers of the specialization selected by the student. There will also be a project in the area of specialization. The specialization should be selected by the student while re-registering for the third semester. Students will be permitted with only one specialization from the available specializations like finance, marketing, human resources (subject to a minimum of 10 students in the selected specialization).

Objectives: The program aims at realizing the following objectives:
  • To provide intensive theoretical and practical knowledge of management.
  • To provide an integrated perspective of management functioning along with a fair amount of exposure to real life cases/technical know how.
  • To hone the student’s analytical abilities.
  • To provide access to broad base of knowledge in core managerial skills.
  • To develop the essential management skills required to meet and participate in an increasingly international business environment.
  • To build upon the essential core management modules allowing greater emphasis on elective modules of management.